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New Jack Media Finds New Life

Hello and welcome to New Jack Media. While this site was conceived as something else entirely (don’t ask), it has found a second life as my blog and writing center. This post is intended to provide a brief introduction to the blog and to my writing, with plenty more posts to follow. I look forward to interacting with each and every one of my readers over the course of this blog’s life, whether that be via email, LinkedIn, or even in person!

The point of this blog is to showcase my writing skills in the course of educating and involving my many connections, colleagues, and friends. If at the end of the day I am able to find freelance work through the writing presented on this blog, all the better. At the very least I hope to go to sleep at night knowing that I featured interesting and relevant information that, while central to my daily thinking, might not be on the mind of all those I consider my peers.

Let’s talk content. If you’ve arrived here by way of LinkedIn or even the site’s home page, you probably have some sense of what I plan on writing about. Sustainable and organic farming have become a focal point of my academic and working life over the course of the last five years. Since I was first exposed to the sheer beauty of a symbiotic system of growing and cultivating I knew that it was something that I would someday like to try. While that day has yet to arrive, (soon!) I plan to channel my passion for and interest in organic agriculture as a means of living and learning until I have the opportunity to farm for myself.

Our industrial food system is in dire straights. While I don’t want to burn up my limited knowledge rambling about the dangers and threats posed by our rapidly conglomerating industrial food system, I had to at least mention it. In my humble opinion the small organic farm will need to be at the forefront of national policy and thinking for our food system to survive and thrive in the coming decades. The threat of climate change is inevitable, it would be ignorant for us as a society to continue on our current path with hopes of a positive outcome.

While this is only meant to be a brief introduction to the ideas and topics about which I hope to write in the coming months, I look forward to conversing with you more. I encourage any interested or curious parties to reach out, if only for the sake of discussion. I cannot get enough of this stuff and I am in desperate need of more people to talk about it with! That being said, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the content to come.



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